artisan goat cheese

Nate first became interested in artisan cheese while working as a chef in top end restaurants across the country.  He decided to give up life in the kitchen, and took a job on a farm.  He moved across the country to work as a cheesemaker and farmhand in Redmond, Oregon where he learned the art of cheesemaking.  Nate and Ginny were then drawn to the Tetons in 2009 for their love of skiing.  They've been working on building their own goat farm dairy ever since.

All of our cheese are made by hand in small batches.  They vary with the seasons as our goats' diet changes, varying the fat and protein content of the milk.  We only offer fresh soft cheese in the summer and fall when we are milking the goats. 

Every spring our ladies "kid," giving birth and restarting their milk production.  We get lots of visitors during this time because everyone wants to visit the kids!

Winter Winds Farm

  • victor, idaho

A few more glimpses into life on the farm:

To us, farming is more than a business endeavor. 

It's a lifestyle.